Friday, February 11, 2011

Who knew?

Who knew that a dixie cup would make a great heart stamper...{ummm, not me until today that is!} and who knew that a $2.00 box of valentines would inspire my little firsties to write {ummm, not me again, until today!} I got the Olivia writing idea from The Inspired Apple {this gal is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!}  My firsties picked an Olivia valentine out of a special bag and wrote a short story about the story behind the picture.  I was unable to download the Olivia stationary from The Inspired Apple {because for some unknown reason, the site where it is located is not accessible from my school computer...crazy!}  So, I had to create my own took a whole five minutes {seriously, it did!}  Oh, by the way...there is an entire site dedicated to Olivia.

After the kiddos shared their stories {so funny, by the way!}  I thought that the stationary should be matted onto a background for an optimal display,so since my firsties loved this writing activity so much, I thought this would be a great background to paste our Olivia stories onto.  We used a plain Jane dixie cup, and it worked great!   

Student wrote the following...Olivia is playing dress up with her cat.  The cat is wearing a blue hat.  Olivia was playing with her cat because her friend was not allowed to come over.

Also, our display is not quite complete...I will post a picture later {I thought of another addition!}

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