Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln!

Today I began I began a mini unit on President's Day with my kiddos.  If you have not been introduced to the site, BrainPOP Jr., I highly recommend that you visit this site ASAP, there is a free Abraham Lincoln video with related activities.  We also read the following books...
 This is a great kiddos enjoyed learning the story behind his famous hat.
This is a great listening story since it's a song...{listening as in CD...because I don't sing well unless, I am in my car!}

My kiddos also made the most adorable Lincolns that we will be turning into blabbers {as in talking picture}...the site, Blabberize is awesome for digital storytelling...and it's free {score!}  Each kiddo {Lincoln picture} will introduce themselves as President Lincoln and share some facts about his life.  I was really impressed with the list of facts that my little firsties came up with. I will post a few "blabbers" when we complete them.  Here are a few Lincolns {if you think these are cute, just wait till you see our Washington pictures}...

 I guess I didn't realize that Abraham Lincoln had buck teeth {I love the drawing of a six year old.}

I couldn't rotate these photos {my apologizes for the neck cramp.}

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