Sunday, July 20, 2014

Do you Scoot?

Do you Scoot?  Scoot activities make my teacher heart happy.  It is very rare for me to ever be sitting at my desk during the school day.  I remember my last student teacher saying, "You never sit down!  I absolutely love giving my kiddos lots of opportunities to get their shakes out.  Let's be honest if I give them the opportunity to get up and move around, then chances are they won't feel so inclined to leave the carpet for a random tissue.  I use Scoot activities across all content areas and my first graders love it.  I created three Math Scoots with a twist...these Math Scoots aren't just find a scoot card around the room and write the answer on your response sheet.  I added some scootin' exercises that are to be completed before leaving the card and moving onto the next.  Go Noodle meets Scoot!  Here's a preview...
Missing Numbers
 Greater Than, Less Than, Equal to
1 and 10 More/Less Than
I hope you SCOOT on over and visit my TpT shop to grab a copy.  Happy Teaching! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

The WRITE Stuff

I am always wanting to make everything I pin on Pinterest, I mean seriously don't you wish you could complete just ten or so projects on your boards??  My new hashtag should be #suckedinbypinterest  When I came across this sweet burlap banner...

I knew I either had to get to the craft store ASAP and make it for my classroom {in my free time} or I could make a cardstock version.  Well, turns out that the cardstock version is going to have to do...for now.  Feel free to go grab "The Write Stuff" pencil banner in my TpT store...its a freebie.  I'm going to add my banner to my writing wall.

So, with my comeback to the blogging world, I decided to open up my own TpT shop.  A few of my dear teaching partners have told me that I should open up a store and after much thought, I decided to go for it!  I'm certainly no where and I mean NO WHERE in the realm of the "BIG Names", but I'm just being me and hoping along the way I can help other teachers the way that I have been helped by visiting TpT.  I'm not going to be fearful of not feeling like I'm good enough to do this, again I'm just being me and not trying to replicate others.  I'll e-mail a copy of my "Pop the Balloon" addition game free to the first person to tell me the name of the movie this quote is from.  Be sure to leave your e-mail in the comments.

"All right, now listen up because I'm only going to say this once. Fear is a four-letter word ladies. You want to go pee pee in your big boy slacks, keep it to yourself. It's make your mama proud time."

Happy Teaching! ~Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm making a comeback...

It has been well over two years since I blogged last and after too long of a hiatus, I'm going to make a comeback on this little blog of mine.  Why haven't I blogged in over two years???  Well, you all know that life happens and priorities change.  One of the last posts I wrote back in 2011 questioned how you {bloggers} do it and by do it, I mean how do you find the time to balance being the best at being a parent, partner, teacher, sister, aunt, and friend to all of those that mean the most to you AND find time to inspire through blogging?  Well, I still haven't found the exact answer to that one.  When I first began my journey into the blogging world, I certainly had no idea how inspired I would become by my frequent visits to other teaching blogs.  I hope that I am able to inspire and help others the way that many of you have helped me.  This blog will be undergoing a much needed makeover.  I hope you stop back and join me on my comeback.     

Friday, December 16, 2011

It's been awhile, but here's a FREEBIE!

I know, I know, I thought I was going to get better about posting more often too, thank goodness for the rest of you ladies who continue to amaze me every day as I read your blogs {while thinking, I need to get blogging!}  
Any WHO, here is a little goodie I did as part of grade level GRINCH centers.

Lime Sherbet + Gingerale = Grinch Juice

Vanilla Pudding + Green Food Coloring + Green M & Ms = Cindy Lou Who-Pudding

Monday, December 5, 2011

How do you do it?

Alright, blog friends!  I am so tired after a day with my little firsties and then of course I click over to mommy duty after school.  I just don't have the time or energy to post like I did before.  I just don't understand how you ladies do it.  Thank you for always being so gracious to share your awesome ideas.  My students benefit so much from your great ideas.  Tell me, what is your secret to maintaining your blogs.  I should mention that one reason that I'm frustrated is I have...dino dial up at my house.  I know, you probably didn't think that it existed anymore, but tis true, tis true.

Merry Christmas, ladies and thank you again for your awesome ideas!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Paperplate Pilgrims

 My first grade teacher friends and I made these sweet paperplate Pilgrims.  I can post directions if you would like, just let me know.  

 girl Pilgrim
 boy Pilgrim

I have no idea where I found my Mayflower bulletin board set.  We labeled some basic features of the Mayflower. 

50th Day of School Goodie...after the fact

I celebrated the 50th Day of School with the help from The First Grade Parade and darn it wouldn't you know I found this little goodie at the Smart Lesson Stop for only $2.50.  Don't you just hate it when you find a gem for $2 bucks or so completely after the fact!?  Note to self...checked and bookmarked for next year!