Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OK, I was wrong!

If any of you read my "Who Knew" post you know that I had an addition that I was working on to add to our Olivia display.  When I came up with the idea {which, by the way, I thought was brilliant at the time} of having my firsties add a pop of red color to a plain image of Olivia {the piglet} I cute, right?  Well, here is a picture of Olivia in her pop of red color clothing from the actual story.

Here is a picture of the work of one of my firsties...

Now, you know that I could not have added this or the many more detailed ones {that I didn't take pictures of} to our hallway display or I would have been heckled by my collegues.  Although, I nearly wiped away all of my eye makeup from tearing up and laughing so much that day, I did have the best laugh with my instructional aide.  Gotta love the the work of a six year old. :)

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  1. Thank you - you just made me laugh out loud. :)