Friday, December 16, 2011

It's been awhile, but here's a FREEBIE!

I know, I know, I thought I was going to get better about posting more often too, thank goodness for the rest of you ladies who continue to amaze me every day as I read your blogs {while thinking, I need to get blogging!}  
Any WHO, here is a little goodie I did as part of grade level GRINCH centers.

Lime Sherbet + Gingerale = Grinch Juice

Vanilla Pudding + Green Food Coloring + Green M & Ms = Cindy Lou Who-Pudding

Monday, December 5, 2011

How do you do it?

Alright, blog friends!  I am so tired after a day with my little firsties and then of course I click over to mommy duty after school.  I just don't have the time or energy to post like I did before.  I just don't understand how you ladies do it.  Thank you for always being so gracious to share your awesome ideas.  My students benefit so much from your great ideas.  Tell me, what is your secret to maintaining your blogs.  I should mention that one reason that I'm frustrated is I have...dino dial up at my house.  I know, you probably didn't think that it existed anymore, but tis true, tis true.

Merry Christmas, ladies and thank you again for your awesome ideas!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Paperplate Pilgrims

 My first grade teacher friends and I made these sweet paperplate Pilgrims.  I can post directions if you would like, just let me know.  

 girl Pilgrim
 boy Pilgrim

I have no idea where I found my Mayflower bulletin board set.  We labeled some basic features of the Mayflower. 

50th Day of School Goodie...after the fact

I celebrated the 50th Day of School with the help from The First Grade Parade and darn it wouldn't you know I found this little goodie at the Smart Lesson Stop for only $2.50.  Don't you just hate it when you find a gem for $2 bucks or so completely after the fact!?  Note to self...checked and bookmarked for next year! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Captain America to Mommy's Rescue

Check out this little superhero...
Captain America (3 1/2 years)

While enjoying some one-on-one time together getting groceries today, my little guy begged me to take the route to the toy aisle (standard) and this Captain America mask came home with us.  He wore the mask the entire time we shopped for groceries and trust me when I tell you we got some funny looks.  This little guy will always be my you Jack!

Yes, another post on the same day!

I know, I know...somewhere out there in blogland there is a rule (atleast) I have read it somewhere that a blogger should post one post a day, BUT since I have been MIA for the last several weeks, I'm making up for lost time.  My absence is due to several factors...
1. selling our house (to build exciting!) 
2. endless hours have been spent looking at house plans and meeting with contractors
3. lots and lots and lots of cleaning and organizing due to #1
4. taking my daughter to Girl Scouts and dance class (weekly)
5. maintaining a clean home (those that know me best, know that I will rather live on two hours of sleep than have a dusty cluttered home)
6. a nagging health problem that will soon be taken care of (thank goodness)
7. time with the hubby and my 6 1/2 year old (who is currently obessed playing the guitar like Taylor Swift)  and 3 1/2 year old (who is currently obessed with Captain America)
8. trying to keep up at school due to #1 through #6

ANYWAY, onto another idea I came across last year after I had finished all things Thanksgiving with my firsties.  So, I tucked this away to do this year...

The Thanksgiving Story Bracelet


I will be doing this activity with my students next week during a full day of Thanksgiving centers.  Click here to grab a copy of the story (this is not my original idea, credit to Dr. Jean.)

Storyline Online

Hello teacher friends,

Have your heard of Storyline Online?  I came across this little gem a few days ago and thought I would share my find.  My little firsties will enjoy this during lab time and also during whole group using the SMARTBoard,  I can't wait to share this with them.  Storyline Online is an on-line streaming video program featuring celebrities reading childrens books aloud!  Each book includes accompanying activities and lesson ideas. The Polar Express is listed in the index, just in time for Christmas.  Check it out, I think you will be glad you did. 

A Giving Giveaway at Life in First Grade

A giving giveaway is happening at Life in First Grade to celebrate 1,000 followers.  If you have not checked out Leslie Ann's giveaway, be sure to do so.  This giveaway is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!  When I say I'm obessed with blogs, this is a real favorite that I check daily. Good luck!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WANTED: Blogging Buddies

Hello, Blog Friends,

I am seeking a first grade teacher that would like their first grade classroom to become "Blogging Buddies" with my first grade classroom.  I would like the two classrooms to correspond via Kidblog and Skype.  I wish for this collaboration project to begin late September or early October and end in May.  I am aware of how crazy schedules can be, therfore I am requesting that only sincere interested teachers respond to this ad. 

I currently have 20 sweet firsties {8 boys and 12 girls}.  The district where I teach is two hours north of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania {GO Steelers!}.  I have completed this collaboration project that past three years and it is so exciting for young kiddos to learn about other students from other states. 

This is an awesome experience for firsties to exhibit their writing skills with a twist of technology.  If you are interested in this collaboration project, you may leave a comment or contact me at  I will be in contact with you.  I am very excited to hear from you!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Western Incentive Chart

I have been looking everywhere online and flipping through all of my teacher catalogs to find a western themed incentive chart.  With NO luck, I decided I could create one quickly.  If you are going with a western/rodeo theme in your classroom, perhaps you might like this little goodie...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I Love Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!  I linked up with Jamie at This Kind of Love, this is my very first WILW {I'm a little late posting.}  Here are a few goodies that I am currently loving...

Orly Cotton Candy Nail Polish
along with...
Out the Door Top Coat

Lately, I have been making lots of stops at DQ for this...
My favorite Artic Rush flavor...GRAPE...yummy!

I love finding a sweet pair of stylish flats, I found these at Target {$19.99}
{Oh, they are comfortable too!}

After a color and trim appointment with my favorite hair girlie, I am loving...
Bed Head Shampoo

So loving this group...
{Going to see them in concert this Saturday with three of my school girls!}

I am loving that I found these at Staples this evening for 10 cents each.
{I bought the maxium teacher limit per visit...25. Yepper, $2.50}

I am also loving this HOBO Lauren Clutch...

 And lastly, I am loving this photo of my hubby and little guy, I quickly snapped this moment while we were at the beach last week.  They were having a special talk.  {Melt. My. Heart.} 

What are you loving?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Chapstick and tissues

Well, it is time for this little, blonde sweetie {Lovebug} to head to first grade and any time I think of her being in first grade it makes me tear up.  She is SO excited and SO ready to take on first grade.  She has a wonderful teacher {a dear friend of mine} and a great group of classmates.  {We do not live in the district where I teach.}  Of course, being a first grade teacher I know what to expect, but seriously I can't believe the time has come for her to be in first grade.  I keep biting my lips {hence the reason I am carrying Blistex on me 24/7} and drying my watery eyes when I think of her growing up.  This is going to be a super exciting year for both of us.  Here is wishing all of you a super school year {with minor stressors...if that is even possible!} Smiles from PA! 

Desk Fairy

I have seen lots and lots of pictures in blog world of your beautifully organized classrooms just waiting for your little peanuts.  I have to admit that I am slightly jealous of those of you that have tables for your students in place of individual desks.  I have 21 individual desks for my little sweeties and would L.O.V.E to have tables instead.  I {heart} organization and encourage my little firsties to be responsible for their belongings and to keep their special desk tidy.  So, the Desk Fairy visits our classroom pretty often to ensure that your belongings are organized and tidy.  The Desk Fairy flies around selecting tidy desks in the classroom, she leaves a special little note along with a special treat {hidden in the desk} oh, and of course a dusting of fairy glitter.  The best thing about the Desk Fairy never know when she will fly in for a visit, what a great way for little firsties {or any student}to keep their area tidy.  Here is a copy of the Desk Fairy note...

Also, here is a little award to give to your kiddos...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back-to-School Night Messages

I created these two little documents after seeing something similar in a teacher magazine {which, in the magazine was over priced.}  Feel free to download if you wish to have your kiddos write their parents a message to display on their desk during your scheduled Back-to-School Night. Of course, the second document is for parents to write a message to their kiddo.  I am going to place this little goodie in my kiddos' First Grade Time Capsule after Back-to-School Night.  Enjoy!
{Student Copy}
{Parent Copy}

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hello all and Happy Summer!

Hello ladies!  Oh my goodness, I heart summer vacation.  I hope that all of you fabulous ladies are enjoying your vacation as much as I am.  Honestly, I feel like I am so much busier during the summer is this even possible?  Do any of you feel like this?  After spending some time blogstalking, I thought I really need to kick it into high gear and get back to blogging.  I recently made a trip to the one and only store that we are all love with...that is right...Target.  Check out what I found at the Dollar Spot...
{Ta-Da!  Cat in the Hat goodies...erasers, note pads, pins, bags...I'm planning on going back for the matching pencils, markers, and other character goodies.}
{I will be saving these goodies for seven months!}

I also picked up this little goodie for $1.00 for my student teacher that I will be getting at the beginning of the year...have any of you ladies had student teachers in the past?  This will be my first student teacher, I'm very excited, but a little nervous too...I REALLY like being in complete control of my classroom, so this will be a good experience for me.
{This is a great plan book for $1.00...L.O.V.E. my Target finds!}

I will be back soon with a post of more substance. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fantastic First Grade Memory

Here is a little journal prompt that I had my firsties complete.  It's pretty funny to hear what they valued in first grade.  Click on the image, enjoy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

End of Year Autograph Book

Hello all,

I always feel so terrible for the little ones that were unable to purchase a yearbook at the end of the school year, so I created this little autograph book so they too can have their buddies sign their book.  I just love the clip art {scrappindoodles} and fonts {kevinandamanda}, enjoy! Click on the image below to grab a copy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I really wanted to get these little goodies posted much, much ealier than this, but this week was beyond crazy{too much to tell!}  So, anywho these little goodies are what my firsties made for their mommies.  I made Love Juice {water bottle valentines} for my little kiddos for Valentine's Day...idea from Second Treat which you can find here.  I tweeked the idea to make LeMOMade {water bottle treats} for Mother's Day.  Here is an example...

{I just realized that you can't see the LeMOMade label too well, but they were quite cute.}

Then, we used one of our favorite sites, Wordle to make these sweet little treats.  I got this idea from a first grade friend {Mrs. Blazosky.}  You can check the original idea and other cool projects that Mrs. B has done here.  Here is a little chocoate treat for mom...

Lastly, I hopped over to Fabulous in First to print off Michelle's "All About My Mom" book {which is sweet!}  My kids had the best time filling this book out.  I learned a little too much on some of the pages from my little sweeties.

Happy Mother's Day!  I hope my three year old and almost six year old are perfect listeners this weekend...that would be a wonderful Mother's Day gift!   

Friday, April 29, 2011

Maybelle the Cockroach and Mystery Box

Hello all,
I typically like to use my Mystery Box {from the fabulous Babbling Abby at The Inspired Apple} on Mondays, hense...Mystery Box Monday, but my kiddos are really struggling this week after just coming back from our Spring Break! order to maintain my sainty today {Friday} we are going to have a Mystery Box activity and I would like you all to meet my friend, Maybelle.  This particular writing project/activity was created by Mary Carole Strothers, a Discovery Education Teacher {not me!}  I was introduced to sweet Maybelle by another awesome first grade teacher, Mrs. Blazoksy {you can check out some of her projects here.}

Maybelle is a cockroach {I know gross, right? But, she is pretty cute with her little bow.}  Just in case you are wondering, Maybelle is indeed fake!  My kiddos are going to be reading Maybelle Goes to Tea and Maybelle Goes to Soup by Katie Speck.

My firsties are each going to get an opportunity to take Maybelle home for a visit.  My firsties will document her visit to their home in a journal and will also include some amazing photographs {I can't wait!}
{Click here for the journal paper.}

Monday, April 18, 2011

Super Reader Card

Here is a card that I use with my kiddos during the week to ensure that they are indeed reading their weekly story to a partner.  We have very strict rules in the classroom about partner reading.  It's funny because I have heard my kiddos say, "I'm not signing your card because you didn't read the whole story to me!" {I'm such a proud mama!}

Jelly Bean Fact Families

Here is a math activity my firsties completed today as part of our Easter centers, this was a great activity to reinforce fact families.

My kiddos completed eight fact families.  I put two different, colored groups of jelly beans in a numbered egg {times eight}.  My firsties drew and colored the jelly beans in the egg and then completed the fact family in the box to represent the jelly beans.   If you would like a copy, CLICK HERE!

Colorful Nests

Aren't these eggs beautiful?  We had a great time decorating eggs and I love the brown bag nest. 
So, this is what how been consuming my energy for all school related items...
I know I mentioned that I would have a Lemonade unit posted soon, but here is the deal...due to the drastic cuts to the state education budget for the upcoming school year, my district has been a teeter-totter for furlough talk, program cuts, and a district wide payfreeze.  Spring Break starts in 23 hours, 45 mins and I can't wait to find time to get back to creating some super cute units.  If your state is facing drastic budget cuts to education, I would love to hear from you.  I'm curious how other districts are handling this ugly reality.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can I offer you a glass of lemonade?

I am so tickled to have almost completed my first little packet of goodies geared around "Lemonade!" I am so tired of the snow here in PA {Yes, it's April 6th and it snowed today, another day of indoor recess...grrr!}  Anyway, just thinking of lemonade makes me smile and think of the warm, glowing sun that I am so desparate to see.  When I come back, I will be posting my first packet to TpT and also a giveaway!  Stop back and check it out!  :)