Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dollar Tree Stole My Heart

At the end of a wild day with my firsties, I knew what I had to do...so, I grabbed a Mt. Dew and decided that tonight I had a date at Wal*Mart.  I decided I had better pick up the supplies for my treats and goodies that I am making for Valentine's Day {see below}.  Now typically, I can find everything I need at Wal*Mart and 95% of the time I leave that place, I spend an extra $50 or more on items that never even had a home on my list {I'm not even kidding, I can't leave that place with just the things on my list.}  Well, knowing that Valentine's Day would not be the same without the cotton candy ice cream cone treat...it just has to make an appearance in my daughter's classroom this year...I braved the 3 degree winter weather and made another stop at The Dollar Tree...in hopes of finding bagged cotton candy.  Nothing {I repeat nothing} could have prepared me for what was about to happen inside The Dollar Tree this evening...I was greeted and asked if I needed assistance...I'm sorry, but I had to take a moment and digest what just happened.  I have never been greeted and asked if I needed assistance at The Dollar Tree.  Now, of course I'm not going to turn down an offer that is going to lead me to the checkout counter much quicker than me spending my time hunting down bagged cotton candy.  A helpful, young employee marched me to the back of the store as if the bagged cotton candy was screaming "We're over here!"  And right before my eyes was all of the bagged cotton candy I could have hoped for, so I grabbed six bags...awesome {check off list}.  The employee said "Ma'am, do you need a cart?"  I replied, "No thank you, this is all I needed tonight!"  As I walked to the front of the store, I passed by the gift bag aisle.  Here comes the second best part of my day {finding the bagged cotton candy was the first} I found monster gift bags that I believe was posted on The Inspired Apple.  At that point, I knew I would need atleast a store basket.  So many activities were swirling through my head, I knew I just had to have them.  Hello...they can be used for math {fact families}, fact and opinion, word families, spelling activities...the possibilities are endless.  So, I snatched 12 bags right up, there are four different monsters.  I plan on giving a set to my BFF {AH} and  using a set tomorrow {that's right baby...spelling activity!} and the last set would be packed away for future use.  Who knew that The Dollar Tree would be a goldmine in one evening.  After a few more minutes in the store...I had to do it...trade my store basket in for a cart. I told you I can't leave a store with just the items on my list.  If you live near The Dollar Tree...you know what you have to do.

This is all I needed.

And this is what I walked out with...yippee!


  1. I tried to find those monster bags a week or so ago at my Dollar Tree but couldn't find them! :(

  2. Dollar Tree ROCKS! I love the Monster Bags! I hadn't seen those before! I'll have to go hunting for them tomorrow!