Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thanks to The Inspired Apple!

{Thanks to The Inspired Apple.}

To those of you that are not familiar with The Inspired Apple, {which I am SURE you are, but for the few of you that are prepared to meet a gal that seriously is quite an inspiration.}  Seriously, I don't think Miss Abby ever stops thinking of awesome ideas {Miss Abby, I am awarding you Number #1 Teacher!}  I follow both of her blogs {both a-w-e-s-o-m-e!} and when she posted about her Mystery Box idea, I just had to run over to TpT to snag myself a copy.  This idea is completely the ownership of The Inspired Apple.  I am just so tickled that I finally have that darn box from Target and now she {the box}is good to go.  I am so super excited to use this with my kiddos.  I had an old Mystery Box, but seriously how stinkin cute is the new one?  So, thank you Miss Abby...keep the ideas a-flowing because I love them.  I hope that my little ole blog will be famous like The Inspired Apple some day.  {Just a reminder, that this was NOT my idea, Miss Abby from The Inspired Apple is the owner.}  Now go grab one from her at TpT.  Is it weird that I am so excited to come back to school tomorrow to use this? 

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  1. Aw! You just made my night, sweet friend! Thanks for the shout out :)

    I hope your kiddos love it, too!