Monday, February 7, 2011

Love, love, love it!

After taking an extra deep breathe last night and realizing that I had my family tucked in bed for the evening...I did what any one of us would do...I grabbed the laptop and checked my favorite blogs for awesome ideas and this is what I found with help from the First Grade Parade.  The crafty lady behind this adorable valentine goodie is At Second Street.  I am totally making a trip to Wal*Mart this week and getting my supplies {sorry, I just had to put the star in there as my firsties do this every time they write in their journals.}  I just might get the ooohhh and aaahhh from my daughter's teacher when Emma takes these into her classroom...I am so pumped to make these.  Too bad that I am not pumped to make dinner tonight.

Did I mention the printables are tatertots & jello.

Oh, and I'm making this...

I think I will add a super cute tag that reads...You melt my heart...I know, totally cute!

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