Monday, April 18, 2011

Colorful Nests

Aren't these eggs beautiful?  We had a great time decorating eggs and I love the brown bag nest. 
So, this is what how been consuming my energy for all school related items...
I know I mentioned that I would have a Lemonade unit posted soon, but here is the deal...due to the drastic cuts to the state education budget for the upcoming school year, my district has been a teeter-totter for furlough talk, program cuts, and a district wide payfreeze.  Spring Break starts in 23 hours, 45 mins and I can't wait to find time to get back to creating some super cute units.  If your state is facing drastic budget cuts to education, I would love to hear from you.  I'm curious how other districts are handling this ugly reality.


  1. The budget cuts are terrible. We had 10 furlough days this school year. I live in Georgia.

  2. We're having the same talks here in Iowa. We have had a pay freeze for 2 years now. Very scary times!!

  3. My district has gotten a major blow with HUGE budget cuts. There is a hireing freeze, but hey at least there are no cuts... yet.

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