Monday, December 5, 2011

How do you do it?

Alright, blog friends!  I am so tired after a day with my little firsties and then of course I click over to mommy duty after school.  I just don't have the time or energy to post like I did before.  I just don't understand how you ladies do it.  Thank you for always being so gracious to share your awesome ideas.  My students benefit so much from your great ideas.  Tell me, what is your secret to maintaining your blogs.  I should mention that one reason that I'm frustrated is I have...dino dial up at my house.  I know, you probably didn't think that it existed anymore, but tis true, tis true.

Merry Christmas, ladies and thank you again for your awesome ideas!


  1. A great website for literacy resources for all grades! Please check it out. It’s not completely online yet, but will be soon!

    Youtube channel with how-to videos!

    Please spread the word!

  2. Wow! This is great! I love your writing style and am so glad you shared your blog today.

    Happy writing, sharing, and learning . . .

  3. I love all the things you have posted, but I agree--it's tiring!! I don't have kid of my own, but I'm in graduate school, and teach dance class, and I just never seem to have the time. So what I've been *trying* to do, is post once a week. I keep a post-it of ideas I want to post, and I give myself an hour or two to do it. Some weeks are better than others, but maybe that will help? Best of luck to figuring it all out--I don't know how moms do it!!!

  4. I just found your blog because I was looking for leprechaun traps and I can say that I found tons of smiles aswell. I am enjoying your blog its very good. I think the first grade teacher is the most special teacher and I would have loved to have had you as a first grade teacher. I am in Northern Ireland we just moved here in May and we are experiencing our first St patty's day on Saturday. Keep blogging Im enjoying but I have alot to go through as I just found you.