Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sharing with Parents

I wish that I could always capture special moments in my classroom by pulling out my camera, but we all know that is just not going to happen unless it is planned.  I maintain a blog for my kiddos and their parents and I enjoy posting slideshows, videos, and photos of my kiddos so that their parents can see what exactly we do in our classroom on a weekly basis.  I typically use Animoto {loves}, Slide, and Smilebox to create goodies to share with parents.  We recently completed "The Raisin Experiment" {I do this experiment every year!} I scored big when I found a sheet designed for this experiment from What the Teacher Wants {love these girls!} This time, I used the sheet from What the Teacher Wants {I like it better than the one I created a while back.}  We discussed this experiment in more detail than the simple video I made using Animoto.  I post little treats like this and my parents are so appreciative since they are not always able to volunteer in the classroom and witness first hand the craziness of first grade. 

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