Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Math Activities in the Morning

We have been learning how to tell time in math, I have a few little firsties that really needed to have some extra one-on-one time, so in order to find that "extra" time I decided to set up three 10-minute centers in my classroom this morning.  I arranged my students into three groups and each group traveled to a center for ten minutes.  One game that I have been using in my classroom that last few years in Stop the Clock {if you haven't come across this game, your kids are going to love it!}  I introduced how to play using the SMARTBoard and we typically start our math session with a few rounds before we start our lesson for the day.  Kiddos love trying to beat the winner from the previous day.  So again, one center was playing Stop the Clock using our laptops. 

The second center was playing Time Flies {love this game} created by What the Teacher Wants.  My kiddos really enjoy this game and ask to play it at recess {ummm, of course you can practice telling time during your recess!}
{I told you they love it!}
{My kiddos like playing boys against girls.}

Lastly, the third center was an independent worksheet to show me what they know.  Using these three quick centers allowed me the time to work with my kiddos that needed some extra one-on-one.  What math centers do you use in your classroom?


  1. We are learning about time now, and this game looks perfect. Thanks!