Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leprechaun Traps

I L-O-V-E St. Patrick's Day!  This year my little nuggets are creating leprechaun traps to set in the classroom.  We read and discussed the book, Leprechaun on the Loose {the perfect book to start the creativity flowing!}  Each day this week, something "odd" has happened.  For instance, on Tuesday the green pen was missing from our SMARTBoard.  On Wednesday, the green pen was returned, but all of the other pens were missing.  Then today, all of our green markers were missing.  All of my kiddos have been very determined to find the missing pens and markers, even going so far to create detective teams during recess.  {Seriously, they are using their recess time to "look" for our missing items.}  You should hear the discussions, and I just keep giggling to myself!  Anyway, here are a few examples of my kiddos' leprechaun traps.

{See that red button? If you push it, it lights the box up inside...very appealing to a leprechaun!}
{This trap is very sneaky, those green shamrocks are hiding a hole...look out!}

As students bring their leprechaun traps into the classroom, they get to choose where they want to set the trap and noone else is allowed to use that same spot {gets them motivated to finish their trap and bring it into school.}  We will be turning this into a writing activity...the kiddos will be using transitional words to explain how their trap works.  Of course, I will then use a Flip cam to record them reading their writing or we may use VoiceThread


  1. Your firsties' traps look great! I'm planning on doing something similar with my classroom's green markers tomorrow! I hope my students are as excited as yours are!

  2. Can I ask a question? My principal has told us we cannot do leprechaun traps next year because "it isn't in the common core". Could you help me and help me defend this project. I think it is... did you tie it to standards? I love your idea and regardless, I am getting that book next year!