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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Back to the Blog

Well, here I am...back to my teacher blog.  It has been years and I do mean years...6 years to be exact since I sat down and typed one character in this space of mine.  So much time has passed that I couldn't even remember my password to login to this blog.  Oh, my gosh!  What am I even doing here?  That is the exact question I asked myself back in 2014 and if I'm being honest, that question still lingers in the back of my mind. I started this blog like many others and that is to share resources and to have a place to document my story in the teaching profession. I entered my last post on August 20th of 2014 and decided to walk away because I felt like I just wasn't enough.  There were many days in the past six years that I considered sharing my creations and posting my thoughts and reflections, however I always stopped myself.  Why?  Because I couldn't imagine people caring enough to read what I had to share especially when there are numerous stellar teaching blogs out there...I mean I am an advid audience member to many of those blogs.  I compared myself to others without considering what I truly had to offer.  

Fast forward six years and having more time than ever due to quarentine life...I  continued to ask myself "Are you going to sit down and do it?"  Each time I considered cleaning out the cobwebs on this bog and writing a post, I found something of greater importance that needed my attention...wiping walls down, organizing my spice cupboard, color coding my closet, the list goes on.  My house has never been cleaner these days.  Today is the day I decided to take another leap into my #sidehustle of blogging here and sharing my teaching resources in my TpT store.  I owe some of this new found determination to Kayse Morris...seriously the woman is a beast!  I am taking her quote of "there's room for everyone on the playground" and running with it!  Wish me luck! 

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