Tuesday, September 6, 2011

WANTED: Blogging Buddies

Hello, Blog Friends,

I am seeking a first grade teacher that would like their first grade classroom to become "Blogging Buddies" with my first grade classroom.  I would like the two classrooms to correspond via Kidblog and Skype.  I wish for this collaboration project to begin late September or early October and end in May.  I am aware of how crazy schedules can be, therfore I am requesting that only sincere interested teachers respond to this ad. 

I currently have 20 sweet firsties {8 boys and 12 girls}.  The district where I teach is two hours north of Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania {GO Steelers!}.  I have completed this collaboration project that past three years and it is so exciting for young kiddos to learn about other students from other states. 

This is an awesome experience for firsties to exhibit their writing skills with a twist of technology.  If you are interested in this collaboration project, you may leave a comment or contact me at sbuckley@keyknox.com  I will be in contact with you.  I am very excited to hear from you!